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You can't call yourself an African and be xenophobic at the same time 
Abusing foreign nationals living in South Africa is not Africanist and should be condemned by leadership of of South Africa. As far as there are continued Campaigns against HIV/AIDS there MUST also be similar Campaigns against Xenophobia. 

This is totally against our values as Africans. People used to live side by side without any problem for centuries. South Africans used to have a saying "A foreigner's stomach is not so big, it is equal to the bird's kidney". If our ancestors could have such hospitable heart for foreigners, what could have changed us to barbarians?

SAPROMO also calls on the government to strengthen security in our borders and maintain peace and order in the nation. The local government must also strength and enforce bylaws within their jurisdictions to maintain order. 

It is known that some foreign nationals are criminals and smugglers of drugs in the country, but that does not permit barbarism amongst community members. Every person living in South Africa is subjected to the hand of law. However, the police and other law enforcement agencies are corrupt to the core, which makes South Africans to stop trusting such Authorities.  The government must really act on that and also make sure foreigners living in South Africa have relevant documents. 

Foreigners Must always stay informed and alert of any event leading to protests and stay clear from protesting communities for their own safety.



SAPROMO met with the leadership of Vivace this December to solidify relations between these two organizations
To show seriousness on these relations, SAPROMO NEC appointed Mike Skhosana (the chairperson of Vivace) as the deputy secretary general of SAPROMO. 

SAPROMO appreciate the relationship between these two organization, as SAPROMO is tasked to deal with issues of public management, as vivace will be the voice of SAPROMO in civic leadership, especially in the field of arts, as we know that it is the most important fields among the youth but nigglected by many political parties. 

Mike Skhosana and the leadership of Vivace will attend the first meeting of SAPROMO on January,19 2019 at SASOL recreation club in eMbalenhle. Mike will be leading the team that will be dealing with reports as part of the secretariat. 

we wish these two organizations a very progressive and lasting relationship.