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About us


Well today we thought we should give you an idea what is this movement all about...

We believe in efficiency in government administration and improving our local government as we believe that it's where the actual services are taking place. The progressive Movement hope to make our government better able to serve the people's needs by making governmental operations and services more efficient and rational.

We want to take powers back to the public by making public participation compulsory for major decisions to be taken in both local and national Government. It is necessary also to centralize implementation of resolutions (,once public participation has been done) only to the trained personnel while reducing the power of politicians to only playing oversight in implementation of resolutions! Thus reducing corruption while improving efficiency and rapid delivery of services to the people. 

We believe that Corruption represented a source of waste and inefficiency in the government. We are committed to clean up state and local governments by passing laws to weaken the power of "strategic deployments that position certain individuals for tenders " and political bosses whose aim is to loot government. 

We will from time to time unfold our beliefs, so that everyone knows about this movement.. in order for us to implement these beliefs it is necessary  that we are represented in all types of legislatures. Therefore, we kindly request your donation to enable the movement to contest 2019 General elections in South Africa.

 If you can donate as little as R20 you will help is reach our 5 million targert by 2018, December in order to be in the ballot in 2019. To donate please use the use the details below 

1. FNB sakhisizwe Progressive Movement ac count 62681797753 Or 2. If you are a capitec client please use my phone number 082 635 2792